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New Year, New You

New Year New You West Palm Beach

This time of year, sweets and treats are everywhere, especially if you work in an office.  Parties and mixers are happening every weekend, which means the drinks are flowing.

The end of the year is definitely the hardest time to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  A little of this and a little of that adds up and before you know it you’ve put on five pounds that seem to have come out of nowhere!  By the time you ring in the new year, your bad habits have gotten the best of you and you’re starting to feel tired, sluggish and just not the best version of yourself that you worked so hard all year long to maintain.

The good news is BioAge MD has your post-holiday blues covered.  You can prepare now, so you’re not struggling when it comes time to working towards your new year’s resolution.  BioAge MD offers services like Ideal Protein or the HCG diet that is fast acting and utilizes HCG injections specifically designed to curb appetite and enhance fat burning capabilities that accompany a low-calorie diet.  Participants also receive a weekly fat-burning injection with their weigh-in!

BioAge MD also offers the BIO Slim Shot – the ultimate fat trimming injection that also helps energy levels if you’re just not feeling your usual energetic self.

If you just need a little facial pick me up, try out our skin brightening IV therapy to make sure you start the new year with youthful, radiant skin.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, BioAge MD can help you reach your ideal image.  The most important thing is not to wait until you’re feeling down about yourself.  Contact us today and set up your consultation in West Palm Beach! Call (561) 223-2707 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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Reducing Stress


Stress is everywhere.  It can be good and it can be bad.  It can even be debilitating.  We always talk about the holidays being a merry time of joy, but the truth is it can be stressful too.  When people get stressed the first thing that usually goes out the window is their routine, but this is one of the things that could actually help the situation. Here are some more ways to reduce stress.

Sleep is key during times of high peak stress.  A good night’s sleep can help reduce the effects of stress.  Maintaining a balanced diet is also imperative at managing stress.  Did you know your diet and nutrition choices actually affect your stress levels?  Certain foods increase levels of hormones in the body that fight stress naturally, while other foods lower the level of hormones that trigger stress altogether.

Overall vitamin and supplement consumption, however you choose to get it, is also key to managing stress.  BioAge MD actually offers IV vitamin therapy that delivers proper doses of vitamins and nutrients via an IV.  This type of vitamin therapy is great for people on-the-go who can forget to take a physical vitamin due to the hustle and bustle of the day.  Nutrients are also better absorbed via IV than by our GI tract. Nutrients like Vitamin C can really affect the way you feel. Many people think they’re getting their proper amount of vitamin C, and other vitamins, by eating fruits like oranges.  Research has shown, however, that only a small percentage of vitamin C is actually absorbed through food.

Finally, a detox after the stresses have passed and played out might be what you need. Whether it’s for weight loss, or just to feel cleansed inside and out, detoxes have powerful effects on the mind and body. If it is just weight loss you’re after, you may be a good candidate for Ideal Protein or Bio HCG. BioAge MD’s fast-acting program that utilizes HCG injections to help curb your appetite and enhance the body’s fat burning capabilities.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, BioAge MD in West Palm Beach has probably got you covered.  Don’t wait until you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired and out of time.  Call today and schedule your free consultation: (561) 223-2707.

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Ideal Protein: An Ideal Weight Loss Protocol

Ideal Protein - An Ideal Weight Loss Protocol

Ideal Protein is a medically developed, supervised, ketogenic weight loss and weight management protocol.  Simply put, Ideal Protein is a four-phased approach that contains two key components. There’s the weight loss component, along with the often neglected lifestyle education component that empowers the client to sustain the weight loss results over time. Ketogenic is a fancy term for a diet that is protein based with low carbohydrate intake that forces the body to burn fat instead of it’s preferred source of fuel – carbohydrates.

While four phases might sound overwhelming, Ideal Protein is organized in a seamless way that is easy to follow. In many cases, phases overlap since many of the phases include an educational element.

Phase 1 focuses on achieving 100% of the client’s weight loss results via the ketogenic diet.  Weight loss can be difficult, and for many people across the world it is a struggle of trial and error.  Since the ketogenic diet was medically developed based on how the body internally operates, results are often realized faster than expected.

Phase 2 places a spotlight on the fundamentals of food and how different types of foods actually impact your body.  Knowledge truly is power.

Phase 3 emphasizes ways to develop smarter eating habits and ways to create a better lifestyle.  Since the goal of most weight loss journeys is to maintain the weight loss, Phase 4 highlights how to maintain the idea weight achieved in Phase 1!

The Ideal Protein diet is supplemented with partial meal replacements. One of the most unique parts of Ideal Protein that really sets it apart from other weight loss regimens and companies is the one-on-one coaching that each client gets throughout the weight loss journey.  To enhance the experience, there are online tools and ongoing sources of support that help to maximize the success of each individual.  Quite possibly the best part of Ideal Protein is that the program is affordable.  The food is easy to prepare and, yes, even delicious!

Ideal Protein is about much more than just losing weight.  It is about how to lose it and how to keep it off.  One of the easiest ways to commit to losing weight is to incorporate new, healthier habits into your everyday life.  Ideal Protein does just that.

BioAge MD has a direct partnership with Ideal Protein to help people achieve their weight loss goals while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Give us a call at (561) 223-2707 to set up an appointment and get your weight loss plan started TODAY!