Ozone Sauna Therapy

Ozone Sauna Therapy
Ozone Sauna Therapy

A powerful therapeutic method that uses and Activated Oxygen with the moist heat of a steam sauna to detoxify and oxygenate the body. The toxins stored in the body's fat, lymph system and the blood are eliminated through the skin via sweat, leaving you feeling relaxed, energized and cleansed from the inside out.

  • After toxin removal, the body no longer requires fat to store toxins often resulting in substantial weight loss
  • Each session burns 400-600 calories, increasing metabolism and energy
  • Enhance cellular immunity, collagen, elastin health, stimulates skin cell enzymes
  • Relaxes and loosens muscles, increasing flexibility
  • Stimulates circulation in blood vessels, relieving pain and speeding healing
  • Eliminates viral, bacterial, and fungal infections
  • Oxidizes lactic acid, preventing muscle soreness
  • Oxidizes adrenaline, producing a calming effect
  • Oxygen is necessary for the respirator, digestive, circulatory and reproductive systems, as well as hormone production and immune system function.

**Please come prepared by hydrating and eating before your session.