Cerebrolysin IV

Cerebrolysin is made of a synthetic composition that is comprised of low-molecular peptides that can enhance cognitive health and wellness, help regain and maintain the independnce of patients that have suffered from strokes, traumatic brain injuries, dementia, and more. If you are experiencing or have experienced any of these issues or symptoms that have compromised your quality of life, Cerebrolysin IV is an option to consider at BioAge MD.

BioAge MD proudly serves Palm Beach County. Dr. Dadurian and her team look forward to promoting, maintaining, and improving cognitive health and functionality, through Cerebrolysin IV therapy. This innovative therapy allows for a greater quality of life to her patients. To learn more about this cutting-edge treatment, contact us today to schedule your consultation for a better you!

How does Cerebrolysin IV improve cognitive functioning?

Cerebrolysin IV works to prevent free radicals from forming, it improves the brain's ability for self-repair, and reduces neurotoxic behavior of specific amino acids. After stroke or trauma, the patient suffers from secondary injuries compromising motor and cognitive functions, with the treatment of Cerebrolysin IV it can prevent formation of toxic proteins that can lead to neurodegeneration.

Who can benefit from Cerebrolysin IV?

Patients who have suffered any form of stroke, acute or degenerative neurological conditions, and traumatic brain injury can benefit from the neuro-reparative properties. Also anyone who is looking to improve their cognitive function may benefit from this innovative treatment. When you schedule your consultation with Dr. Dadurian, her team will evaluate you and your medical history to better determine if this treatment is appropriate for you.

How many Cerebrolysin IV treatment sessions will I need?

Every patient is unique and not everyone has the same body chemistry or composition. Therefore, each person will require a customized treatment plan in order to get the most benefit out of this innovative therapy. Dr. Dadurian and her team will help you determine and tailor a custom treatment plan during your consultation.