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Do We REALLY Need Supplements?

Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements West Palm Beach

Did you know that more than half of all Americans take one or more dietary supplements? Many of us have taken vitamins for as long as we can remember. We started with chewable vitamins (raise your hand if you loved Flintstones Vitamins) and eventually we progressed to adult multivitamins.  Maybe you even take vitamins for more specific applications: vitamin C during cold & flu season, vitamin E for added antioxidant protection, vitamin D during winter when the days are shorter. Beyond vitamins, many of us take other common supplements like minerals and botanicals. But do we actually need these added supplements in the first place?

Living in a high speed society where we eat on-the-go, consume too much sugar, skip meals, don’t find time to exercise regularly, drink too much caffeine, experience stress, don’t sleep enough, and don’t drink enough water, the answer is probably “yes, you need supplements to support your health.”  The biggest benefit of supplements is that they fill in the gaps where you are lacking nutritional support. Research has shown that many supplements can indeed enhance your health in a variety of ways, and the risks are very limited. They can help us pick up where our healthy habits left off, providing our bodies with the extra boost they need to ward off disease, reduce inflammation, protect our DNA, improve our mood, boost our immune system, and contribute to brain health. Just keep in mind that supplements are not a panacea. They can not replace healthy habits such as wholesome diet, sleep, exercise and stress relief.

Can’t I just eat a healthy diet to get the nutrition my body needs?
A healthy diet and lifestyle is always number one. Minerals and nutrients are involved in every action in our body, be it thyroid, brain, etc. But unfortunately, it’s difficult to get all the nutrients you need from food alone. For the most part, the food we consume today lacks the nutritional content our bodies need to perform at optimal levels. This is due to a variety of factors: depleted soils, mass farming, picking food too early, spraying food with chemicals, transporting food long distances after it’s picked (nutritional value depletes dramatically every day after picking)…the list goes on. This is where high-quality supplements come into play. Supplements give our body some extra firepower, providing the body with added minerals, nutrients, vitamins, antioxidant support, and more. And if you take pharmaceutical grade supplements, they provide support at the cellular level and at the end of the day, our health begins at the cellular level. Hint: definitely go for the pharmaceutical grade supplements…which leads us to our next point.

What’s the difference between regular and pharmaceutical grade supplements?
The United States does not regulate supplements. If you don’t buy supplements from a pharmaceutical grade supplier, you won’t know what you’re actually getting. Pharmaceutical grade ingredients, on the other hand, are over 99% pure and contain no binders, fillers, excipients (substances used to dilute drugs), dyes or unknown additives. Pharmaceutical grade vitamins also yield a higher degree of bioavailability – the rate at which a substance is absorbed into our bodies. What does this mean for you? Faster results, maximum health benefits, and no risky side effects. At BioAge MD, our clients love that all of our supplements are pharmaceutical grade.

What are the most common supplements?
Currently, some of the most popular nutrient supplements are multivitamins and vitamins B, C and D. Another is calcium which supports bone health, and vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. Vitamin E is also a popular antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage. Folic acid, whether from supplements or fortified food, is important for all women of childbearing age and vitamin B12 keeps nerve and blood cells healthy. Many doctors also recommend fish oil supplements because research indicates that omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil support long-term brain, bone, heart, and metabolism health.


So now that you know a little more about supplements, where do you start? At BioAge MD, we have a wide range of pharmaceutical grade supplements and we welcome you to come in and speak with our knowledgeable medical staff about which supplements may be right for you. And lucky for you, you get 10% off your first purchase.

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