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A Closer Look at NAD+ Therapy

NAD+ Therapy, West Palm Beach

NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, has been coined the ultimate solution for brain restoration. But what is it?

Every now and again it seems as if something new enters the market that promises new beginnings or a resurgence of energy and clarity to our lives. Unfortunately, a lot of these promises are based on the idea of introducing something foreign to our bodies.  NAD+ Therapy is different.

NAD+ is essential to sustaining life. It’s a substance that actually occurs naturally in every cell of the body that is responsible for restoring things like energy and athletic performance. In metabolism, this coenzyme is involved in redox reactions, carrying electrons from one reaction to another.

Sadly, NAD+ levels decline significantly with age. In fact, by age 50, we only have about half of the NAD+ we once had in our youth. By the age of 80, NAD+ levels decline to a staggering 1-10%. This deficiency can increase our risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, and a variety of other diseases. NAD+ Therapy actually helps repair DNA, which helps improve brain functions and aids in the treatment of neurological disorders that many elderly people begin to experience. The Society of Neurosciences have actually completed a few studies that prove the effects of NAD + IV Therapy and how successful it can be in helping an aging person through the aforementioned changes.

Using NAD+, scientists have effectively reversed DNA aging in mice. “NAD+ is the closest we’ve gotten to a fountain of youth,” says David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School. “It’s one of the most important molecules for life to exist, and without it, you’re dead in 30 seconds.” Researchers have discovered that re-upping NAD+ in older mice causes them to look and act younger and live longer than expected. In a 2017 study, Sinclair and his colleagues put drops of a compound known to raise levels of NAD+ into the water for a group of mice. Within about 2 hours, the NAD+ levels in the mice had risen significantly. About a week later, signs of aging in the muscles and tissue of the older mice reversed to the point that researchers could no longer tell the difference between the tissues of a 2-year-old mouse and the tissues of a 4-month-old one.

One of the best characteristics about this type of treatment is that it’s natural. This is something your body is already producing. BioAge MD offers high dose infusions of NAD+ that go directly into the bloodstream to repair cellular functions throughout the body. In addition to NAD+ IV Therapy, we also offer NAD+ sublingual supplements.

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