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Anti-Aging & Wellness Center provides medical and
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How do I turn back time,
experience energy
and improve mood?

At BioAge MD, we’ve found the ultimate solution
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We provide medical anti-aging and wellness treatments in a comfortable, updated clinical environment. Our services and treatment methods are designed to provide maximum health and wellness benefits and restore optimum energy levels. Our expert team provides:

BioAge MD Offers Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

These cutting-edge, anti-aging, wellness solutions help patients feel, sleep, and live better. We do sell these supplements locally and nationally. We believe that our work doesn’t end with simply providing you with the best products. To increase effectiveness and improve absorption, we strongly encourage proper diet and exercise. For this reason, we have a team of professionals that are dedicated to helping address major concerns regarding health and wellness.

What Sets Us Apart

We continuously update our facility with the latest technology, procedures, and supplements to help improve our patients’ quality of life. Each of our services is tested in-house to ensure that we maintain the highest standard in anti-aging and wellness solutions. We believe in prevention. To help us determine needs before they become a problem, we perform extensive testing protocols. With our help, you can achieve your wellness goals and gain many rewards for your future.


Dr Dadurian is the best in her field. She is very experienced, personable and I absolutely LOVE her work! I highly recommend! - Christy Lee 

I have been going to DR Dadurian for 7 years, I have done a lot of different treatments. Not only that but also I have referred many friends and they all have been thrilled with her services and results. Dr. Dadurian is so professional, I have never heard any complain(t)s about her, and I will always recommend Dr. Dadurian, I will give her 5 stars. - Anna Dahlin

My experience with Dr. Dadurian and her staff was excellent! Very professional and nice.
The Dr. is very gentle, I never got bruised and the Botox lasted a good amount of time!
Highly recommended . - Jill Botnick

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